On loss and putting things in perspective

A little more than a week ago I had written about the Montreal auto show and slipped in a short one-sentence mention about it being an emotional day. Most of you know that this had nothing to do with the auto show. In fact what happened in the wee hours of that morning is that a friend of a friend had passed away. I didn’t know this person well only having met them briefly over a coffee at my friend’s place. I found them to be funny, warm and welcoming even though at the time they were having to deal with a life-ending illness. At that time it didn’t hit me so much as here was this vibrant person, laughing and having a good time, but when I heard that they had passed away and at the same age as myself it hit me hard, in fact still hitting me hard. It’s forced me to put some things in perspective and concentrate on what is important in life. It’s not always easy, humans are funny that way, even when faced with our ultimate demise and fate we still choose paths that are at worst destructive and at best do not have our best interest at heart. This is what has been happening to me of late, I know that I should approach life with a certain sense of perspective and taking note of things that are really important, yet I often fall into old habits and give weight to things that are really not all that important. I do hope to be able to improve on this in 2017.

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