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Update on the flooding in Montreal

It was a crazy weekend watching and monitoring the flooding on the Western part of the island of Montreal. Thankfully our house is in a higher part of the neighbourhood and therefore is not at risk, but I feel for so many people who have had damage to their homes and their lives flipped upside down.

This is an intersection a 4-5 minute walk from my home. The road you see ahead of you leads up to a bridge to go to the island of Ile Bizard, that has witnessed some of the worst flooding. In fact there is a small island adjacent to Ile Bizard which has been completely closed off and the entire island is covered by water.

Crazy weather in Montreal

It’s getting very late here as I type this short post, but I wanted to just comment on the crazy weather we’ve been having here in Montreal. It is currently 5 degrees Celsius and tomorrow it is supposed to go up to 7, which is absolutely balmy for January in Montreal, where the temperature is usually around -15 degrees C. As I went out today at lunchtime at work I couldn’t help but feel like it was Spring, a cruel and unusual trick by mother nature to make me think that I’m anywhere near riding my Motorcycle, which is really something like 3 months away. However, it does give me a renewed feeling that the Winter will go away and that Spring will come again, until then, I look out and shake my head at the crazy weather outside.