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Chevrolet VOLT will have to wait :(

I had written several weeks ago that I was thinking of a Volt some time in 2018, but reality is sometimes cruel and after much thought and having to sink $2K in needed repairs and regular maintenance on the Hyundai Tucson, I honestly need to drive it for a few years to recoup the money AND give me time to save up some for an eventual down-payment on perhaps a 2014 Volt. One thing for sure is that the car does intrigue me, the fact that it has electric drive most of the time and gets up to 50Km autonomy before having to rely on the on-board internal combustion engine to drive a generator to recharge the batteries and power the vehicle, fascinates me.  My daily commute is just a little over 50Km both ways, so the Volt would be a perfect fit, allowing me to go on longer trips when required. The only hiccup is the lifetime of the battery pack and the fact that the car is not designed to pull a trailer, supposedly of any type at all, which is a problem as I have a small utility trailer that I’ve used for many many years now and is really indispensable. In any case I remain curious and will read up as much as I can on the good points and bad points of the Chevrotlet Volt.

As always, stay-tuned, I’ll have more on the Volt and other madness in the coming weeks.