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AudioMo June 6, 2017 – Technical writers and Piazza Mino Italy ambiance

AudioMo entry June 6

AudioMo is a month-long event held in the month of June where participants record audio and post it up with the hashtag #audiomo.

My little contribution for today June 6, 2017 is the recording below. I had no set subject and kind of just rambled on for 20 minutes. Enjoy 🙂

Piazza Mino Soundscape Ambiance

I mention seeing a photo/soundscape installation at the International airport here in Montreal, Canada and my trip to Italy in the Autumn of 2009 with my mom and visiting and recording the ambiance of Piazza Mino in Fiesole, Italy. Check of the picture below. For best effect listen with headphones and click the image to open in another tab/window.

Photo of Piazza Mino in Fiesole, Italy showing the piazza at night with lights and a church off to the right
Piazza Mino in Fiesole, Italy.