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The most detailed map of our Universe

We live in a very very very big Universe and this past week my sister sent me a link to a Youtube video featuring the most detailed map every created of our Universe, it is stunning. The video is actually on Laniakea, the name given to the supercluster or huge group of galaxies in which our own Milky way lies. The video has started doing the rounds in social network circles and I’ve already seen it on Facebook and Twitter.

As you watch this video remember that what is pictured here is so immense as to be almost incomprehensible, the distances mentioned so vast that crossing them could be akin to traveling forever to our puny little lifetimes. What boggles me even more is that scientists and cosmologists have postulated that there may actually be an infinite number of multi-universes. So as you ponder what this video describes, wrap your head around the idea that there could be in fact an infinite number of other indescribably large universes, an infinite amount of them… that’s just like forever.

So as I sit here watching Winter storm Wally, what I’ve decided to baptize what I hope is the last storm of the Winter of 2016/2017, slam into the city of Montreal I realize how small my little problems are when put against the immensity of the Universe. Some people I know don’t like to talk about, what shows or ponder about the Universe and its size, they say it makes them feel small, insignificant. I see it quite differently, I find that looking at these videos and pondering how immense and overwhelming our Universe is makes me feel that there are potentials out there for everything and anything to happen. Whenever I doubt any kind of spiritual side or wonder about life after death, I simply look at videos like this and realize there is sooooo much we don’t know, so much we just can’t imagine. It re-assures me to some extent and I realize that the sheer fact that I can think about the Universe and ponder the distances makes me more significant and not less.

When messy is good?

I read an article today on CBC’s Tapestry show website  that took me a little by surprise, it was entitled Don’t be a neat freak: Why messiness is good for the soul. For quite some time now I’ve been trying to organize things at home, trying hard to clean up my office, workshop, etc… in hopes of also clearing my mind and then along comes with article which seems to suggest that having a mess around one’s environment might actually be beneficial for the mind and increase creativity. It goes on to say that having a messy and disorderly place might actually make one more creative as it forces us to circumvent obstacles, either visual and/or physical. I started thinking of this and how some of my best ideas and solutions are often found when I have to scavenge through an old parts bin, or perhaps going through my small containers in my workshop looking for a doohickey or thingamabob to fix or make something. The article ends with mentioning how in 1975 Keith Jarret, famous Jazz pianist was invited to play in Köln, Germany and upon arriving there found that the piano on stage was not in best condition. However, rather than quit or find another piano at the last minute, he decided to go ahead with the concert. Facing an out-of-tune piano with sticking keys, Mr. Jarret, always the consummate professional decided to change and play around this piano’s foibles, the result, which I’m listening to as I type this post, is an absolute feast for the ears. Jarret had to play things differently when faced with such a mess, much like we all have to become more creative to deal with what can sometimes be very chaotic environments around us. So, I leave you with Mr. Jarret’s stirring piano concert from 1975, enjoy.