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June 24th #audiomo swapping out our water heater

Most home experts and insurance companies recommend changing your home water heater every 10 years to prevent possible leakage as units get older. our hot water heater was only one year old when we purchased our home, but that was some 15 years ago, so it was time to swap it out. In this #audiomo entry I briefly discuss changing out the heater. In the photo below you see the new heater on the right by Rheem next to the older one

#Audiomo June 19th entry – Workshop and Model kits

Here is my #Audiomo entry for June 19th, I haven’t been very regular in my audiomo entries for lack of time and perhaps things to say. Yeah, imagine that me being reticent 🙂 In any case, this audio entry delves into an old passion of mine that has resurfaced recently, that of plastic model kit building.

In the recording I mention my “new” workshop, it’s really not much more than an IKEA table with adjustable legs, but with a bit of organization, a light magnification lens and some tools it will be nice little work area to do some model building and electronics work.

In the picture below you see my work table with the Raspberry PI computer monitor and at the left the saucer part for the USS Reliant with the warp nacelles.

In the audio I also mention fixing a friend’s JBL Elite 700 Everest Noise Cancelling Bluetooth headphones. JBL sold these things for $300 US or so and after having had them for about 6-7 months the left earpiece stopped working. As I had told them I dabbled in electronics and repairs he asked me to take a look at them and I brought them home to my work bench and proceeded to take them apart to see what could be the problem.

When I first opened up the unit, this is what I saw, note the four small screws, removing these revealed the interior of the speaker driver enclosure.

Once I had the unit opened I was able to troubleshoot and figure out if the problem was with the speaker driver OR if the actual small internal amplifier was the problem.

With access to the small wires on the internal speaker driver, I hooked up to test leads and fed them to a hobby speaker I had lying around.

I eventually discovered that it was indeed the speaker driver and after a few minutes search on eBay bought a pair of drivers for $35 CDN shipped that matched the JBL drivers almost perfectly.

Here are the two Star Trek models I would like to build in the Fall.

The USS Enterprise D from the Next Generation TV show.

and the USS Voyager

I’m exhausted!

Earlier this week found me researching repairs on the exhaust system of my 2008 Hyundai Tucson. It has been making noise for several weeks now and seemingly getting louder. Since it’s Winter here in Montreal and getting under the truck would be quite messy, the first thing I did was researched the exact configuration of the exhaust system from online parts diagrams and using the PDF service manual I purchased several months ago. From this research I figured that the leak might have been coming from one of the following areas highlighted in red.

Diagram of Hyundai Tucson 2009 exhaust system showing possible failure points.

However, as I did a bit more research and brought the truck into my garage (it was a rather snug fit), I was actually able to crawl under the truck and then discovered that the damaged area was actually in what they call the flexible joint in the front exhaust pipe as noted below:

After trying for about an hour to loosen the two front bolts at the catalytic converter shown to the left of the red square above, I gave up and realizing my limitations decided to bring the truck into a service garage this morning. The pipe I bought wasn’t going to work either as the flange at the end where the rest of the exhaust system is, was not at the correct orientation to connect to the muffler/resonator, so it was a moot point at best. As I type this I’m nervously awaiting a call to find out if I get my truck back today or if I have to wait until tomorrow some time, however I do believe I may have found a good mechanic close to work, which is a good thing.

As I wrote in another article, I may be up for changing vehicles again in the short-medium term, stay tuned for more news.