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Octaver Day 11, 2017 A piece of fast music and how it makes me feel #octaver17

Hello audio friends, here is Octaver day 11, yes I know, day 10 is missing and it may show up at some point, but not today. 🙂

There are many fast pieces I could have chosen, and decided on this piece below as I had originally thought of featuring it on one of my Treble Stef episodes.

#audiomo June 29, 2017 – Software for writers

Do you have the next great novel brewing? Are you a reluctant Hemingway, Tolkien or Rowling. Today’s #audiomo entry explores a couple of software titles that could help you in the your next literary quest.

The first is a nice lightweight contender, but not light on features.

ywriter5 at

The second software title I mention, called Celtx, is geared more for screenwriting.

Unfortunately it looks like Celtx has gone all cloud-based on me, so no more downloading and using a desktop application. They still offer a free stripped-down version, but I haven’t checked out the latest version, but will do so and get back to you.