On Summer… and upcoming Autumn

It’s been some time since I’ve written, Summer is closing in on its last few weeks and as I look back on what has been a tumultuous Summer, I can only hope that the Autumn brings some much needed emotional rest. My plans are simple really, enjoy the Fall colours, meet with some friends and simply enjoy the more simple things in life and get back in touch with nature. You would think Summer would have been good for that, but in fact what happens more often than not is our Summers get so busy. So although everything starts back up in the Fall, busy with children going back to school, and businesses ramping up for the upcoming busy holiday season, I usually sit back and actually take a breather and calm down. So here’s to the upcoming Fall and saying good-bye to Summer 2017, one that for reasons I can’t go into this blog, will go down as one of the most memorable on record for yours truly.